The highest active ingredient dosage of the market.

French gummies
French gummies

About French Gummies

Created by Kares-up, the French gummies are gummies that have been developed for food supplement brands that wants to increase the quality of their gummies.


As a matter of fact, the French gummies provide a state-to-the-art texture with a very healthy and eco-friendly approach in conception.


Moreover, thanks to the patented gummies matrix HEMOGU®, the French gummies developed for food supplement brands can deliver the highest active ingredient dosage of the market.


The French gummies are an efficient solution for the last consumers that were not convinced by the gummy galenic form.


Indeed, the high rate of active ingredient definitly ends the suspicion of efficacy of the gummy galenic form, and the gastronomic texture definitly end the comparaison with candies.

The French Gummies for you brand

The french gummies

Without sugar

Hemogu® matrix

The patented HEMOGU® matrix offers a HEalhty & MOdern GUmmies for food supplement brands.



Without sugar and without gelatin, the French gummies based on HEMOGU® matrix has the lowest calorie level of the market.

Moreover, the HEMOGU® matrix of the French gummies allows the highest active ingredient rate of the market untill 20% of the final formula. This brings to a potentiel level of active ingredient of
500mg, which is higher than a capsule content.

As a matter of fact, thanks to the HEMOGU® matrix, the French gummies make a real difference in the actual health solutions of the market.



Far from a basic candy texture, the HEMOGU® matrix brings to the French gummies a gastronomic texture with savor as wellknown in the French gastronomy. It doesn’t stick to the teeth, and offer a
real taste experience.

Besides, as nowadays products has to fit to requirements for a safe planet, more than 40% of the HEMOGU® matrix is composed with upcylcing approach ingredients with very low or zero carbon
impact, as well as a strong social and environmental policy.

The highest active ingredient dosage of the market

The French gummies formulation

Searching for efficiency and savor Most of the French gummies contains active ingredient with a proven efficacy and a gourmet savor.

Food supplement brands can also ask for personalized formulas.

The formulation is handled by Kares-up which created the French gummies to support innovation for brands.

Made in France

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Food supplement brands can also ask for personalized formulas.

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